hello friends welcome to my blog in this session you will learn about viva questions which will be asked during lab evaluation

what are the apparatus required for the experiment setup of frequency of ac main using an electric vibrator ?

Ans.)electric vibrator,frictionless pulley, light weight pan, weights box (10,20,30) scale ,thread .

1.)what is meant by stationary waves ?

Ans.) when two waves of same frequency and amplitude are travelling through a medium with the same speed but in opposite direction superimpose over each other to form a new(resultant) wave this is known as stationary waves .resultant wave  does not seems to be moving .no net flow of energy is seen 

A=2acosnx    n=2pie/lamda 

what is meant by superposition ?

Ans.) when one or more waves moving in same direction and medium pass through each other combine to form a single wave without any disturbance in its energy. this single wave can be expressed as sum of one or more waves .

Y=y1+y2+... and so on .

what is meant by nodes and how are they formed ?

Ans.) node it is a point on the standing wave where the wave has minimum (zero) amplitude.  they  are formed due to destructive interface 

for example : in a vibrating guitar string, the ends of the string arenodes.

what is meant by anti nodes and how are hey formed ?

Ans.) anti nodes are formed on the standing waves where the wave has maximum amplitude .They are formed due to the constructive interface .

 NODES are integral multiples of "HALF OF WAVELENGTHS"

what is the standard frequency in India ?

Ans.) the standard frequency in India is 50HZ .

why do we use 50HZ as standard frequency ?

Ans.) it is the standard frequency of India .

why do we use bulb in his setup ?

Ans.) the purpose of the 50 watts  bulb in experiment setup is it detects the frequency with which ac is coming and if it crosses more than standard then the bulb will fuse .if the value is less than standard then it will work without any problem .

what is the rating of bulb in this experiment ?

Ans.) 50 watts

what are the  different types of masses we use in experiment ?


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